Once I have ordered on the webshop, when can I expect my order to come to my home?
You can see the item's delivery time under the individual item as well as in the check out window where you can see the price and delivery time at each shipping company. Normally we have day-to-day delivery on stock items, but expect 2-5 business days on stock items depending on the shipping company's delivery rate. You can choose whether your package should be sent to your address, or to the nearest parcel shop.
Should, contrary to expectations, there be a longer delivery time than stated under the individual item, we will contact you as soon as possible.

We usually send your order together, so if there are any order items or backorders in between, wait for your order until everything can be sent together.

Can I return or exchange an item?
Yes, you can return or exchange an item within 14 days of receiving the package. Read more about this under our terms and conditions.
Under the tab 'INFORMATION' at the top of the shop window, you will find the menu item 'Undo & Return', here you can see how to do and get information about returned goods.

Is the shipping for my order expensive?
No, we have good deals with several shipping companies so you get the lowest possible price.
If you buy goods for more than DKK 999.00, you get free shipping throughout Denmark to a parcel shop.

Can you send my goods by letter so that the shipping is cheaper?
No, we have opted out of this option, as your goods are thus not insured against loss. Your goods are always insured when they are sent with a shipping company. The price for sending a package is also so low that it does not pay to use letter mail.

How do I pay at the webshop and send in cash on delivery?
You can make a secure payment by credit card with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and 3D Secure directly on the webshop. Unfortunately we do not send per. cash on delivery, due to bad experience and increased administration.

If you have not shopped at a 3D Secure webshop before, you will for the first time be asked to associate a mobile number with your credit card - You will automatically be forwarded to NETS, where you will need your NemID as a digital signature on your registration.

You can also pay for your order with MobilePay.

Can I get credit and pay for my items later?
We, in collaboration with Viabill Finansiering, opened up for financing your purchase so you can pay a small bite every month.

ViaBill allows you to buy your goods in installments.
You can buy for up to DKK 20,000.
ViaBill is free up to DKK 2,000. Amounts from DKK 2,001 receive interest and fees.
You can pay off over 1-24 months.
ViaBill immediately performs a credit assessment of you, so you can quickly see if you have been approved or rejected.
In the shop you will be able to find the price per month. The stated price is the lowest price per. month, calculated with an installment over 24 months.
Determining interest and installments depends on the period you want to repay.
If you are rejected in the credit rating, ViaBill must not state the reason for the rejection, but refers to their partner SparXpress, which performs the credit rating.
Neither we nor Viabill gain insight into the reason for the rejection. SparXpress can be contacted on 96161300.

Public institutions can have the invoice sent via the Nemhandel system. Companies can apply for a B2B login, and then possibly apply for a credit agreement by contacting our accounting department at admin@tacticoolshop.com

Read more about this under our terms and conditions.

How can I obtain a discount agreement?
Are you serving in the Armed Forces, the Air Force, the Navy, the Army, the Home Guard, the Emergency Management Agency, Fire & Rescue, the health sector, the Danish Prison and Probation Service, the Police or do you have a guarded ID card, you can get a discount on most items at the shop. You must create a user profile, and then contact our customer service via email at admin@tacticoolshop.com with information that you have created and will contact you as soon as possible as we will see a valid picture id. We will then create your discount, which can be seen immediately when you log in to your profile.
Read more about this under our terms and conditions.

If I order items for collection - when can I pick them up?
Once we have packed your order, your order status will change to "Ready to pick up" and you will receive an email with the same message. Your order can then be picked up within our normal opening hours.

It requires a login to the shop, to be able to see online order status. This can easily be done under the 'YOUR ACCOUNT' tab in the upper right corner of the shop.

Do I have to pay for the goods in advance?
You can only choose payment online with cards, MobilePay and ViaBill.

Can I just show up in person and buy items?
Unfortunately it is not possible.

If I do not live in Denmark, what then?
You can have your order shipped, pretty much anywhere you want. You can see current delivery countries when entering your delivery information.
Note that shipments outside Denmark have an increased shipping price & delivery time.
All orders to destinations outside Denmark must be paid in advance regardless.
Is your country not on the list? .. Then contact our customer service via email: admin@tacticoolshop.com

I'm posted as a soldier. Can I have my order sent to my field mail?
If you are posted in international service outside the EU, we must use your field postal address.
Advise us once you have created your profile so we can add a discount to your staff for on-duty staff.

Can I get in direct contact with customer service?
No, due to the current Covid-19 situation we are only able to receive mail at admin@tacticoolshop.com.
We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.